About Sonoma County in the Fur Trade
Sonoma County played a key role in the fur trade. The Russian-American Company, worried about the dwindling supply of sea otters in their hunting grounds in Alaska and the northwest, established Fort Ross on a bluff north of Bodega Bay in 1812. The colony would serve as a hub for Russian and indigenous hunters and traders until its abandonment in 1842. This marine-based commercial fur trade in California, which was dominated by British, American and Russian companies, focused on selling luxurious sea otter pelts mostly to China.

About the Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders
The Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders has been around since 1973. Originally the club met and shot at the Cotati CA. Rod and Gun Club. After the Cotati club closed in 1996 members were forced to find a new site and headed north. Club members now meet up to shoot monthly at the Marie Hill Ranch rendezvous site, which is on private property off Highway 128. The annual rendezvous is a much larger affair that runs from Thursday to Sunday and is held on the third full weekend in April.

Mark your calendar today so you don’t miss the next Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders Rendezvous in April at the Marie Hill Ranch in Yorkville, California.