MONTHLY SHOOTS- Held the first Sunday of each month at the Hill Ranch located 11 miles west of Cloverdale on HWY 128.  Shooting starts around 9am and cost is     $2.00 for members and free for guests.  We shoot paper and steel targets with rifle, trade gun and pistol, we have a hawk and knife range and  can shoot shotgun.  Bring a lunch and something to drink (no alcohol please), dress for the weather, and be prepared to have a good time.

SPRING RENDEZVOUS- Held the third full weekend of April at the Hill Ranch located 11 miles west of Cloverdale, CA  on HWY 128. It starts on Friday and ends Sunday   afternoon.   Club members and their families can camp for the whole week prior to the Rendezvous.  Primitive camping is encouraged and a  large “Tin Teepee” area is available.  Events include Rifle, Pistol, Trade Gun and Hawk and Knife trail walks, Shotgun Clays, Archery Course, plus various shooting games of skill and luck.

FALL RENDEZVOUS- Formally known as the FALL TREK, a different kind of Rendezvous using four person teams who have to navigate over land while facing  challenges, solving problems, and using primitive skills that early pioneers and mountain men would have had to face and use.  Along with         the team events are individual events such as found at any Rendezvous. Because of the complexity of setting up the course for the        TREK,  there are some years it may not happen, but the rest of the Rendezvous will take place, along with special events to compensate for not having the Trek.