About us

Welcome to the world of blackpowder shooting, camping, and Rendezvousing.  A throwback to a different time when kids played in the creeks and chased each other around in the woods, when people knew their neighbors, and a sense of community existed.  Come join us for a family adventure where you can dress up in period clothing from the early 1800’s and experience life on the frontier before the age of modern technology.  
Since 1973 the Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders have been having monthly shoots on private land and are now putting on two Rendezvous a year which are open to the public.  We presently have 40 acres at our disposal near Cloverdale, CA.
If wearing buckskins and pioneer garb and calling people “Pilgrim” isn’t your thing but you would like to shoot that muzzle loader in the closet, then come join us.  ALL ARE WELCOME!