February work party

February 25th. There will be a work at party at the ranch.
For those stopping for breakfast in Cloverdale meet at 9:00
Then work party at 10:00
We should be done by 1:00 so this would be a good time for those that want to sight in any guns. Bring you sight in tools, table, sand bags etc.


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Sonoma Valley Muzzle Loaders


January Shoot

SVML has thier monthly shoot the first Sunday of the month.

Our first shoot of the year was a little chilly but the rain stayed away. We set up a new prototype target for the first time. I think Michael named it correctly “Double or Nothing”. It is a hanging steel target that slowly rotates in a eight foot circle. The challenge is to step up to the firing line ,shoot one side of the target and then quickly reload before it rotates past the other side of the circle and hit the back side of the same target. The shooter will have 35 – 45 seconds to reload in time to make the shot.  It is bound to be a tough challenge for many shooters.

we also had fun test firing a recently aquired damascus steel barrel shotgun.  Following the instructions from the back of Dixie gun works cat. Heavy load, tying string on the trigger and standing way back. It didnt blow up so I guess it is ready to hunt.

see you at Rendezvous